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Past and Future Projects.

November, 2019


It was an honor and a privilege to provide intensive Terra Firma Training in collaboration with the Conservation Program team of Duke Lemur Center in SAVA Region(s) of Madagascar.


Please enjoy the entire newsletter. Our work is on pages 2-4. 


Visit Terra Firma Landshaping on Cape Cod

As Coronavirus spreads we urge everyone to stay at home!


But while you are at home -- watch the water!  Where is it flowing away?  How can you bring it under control?  We can guide your response with an on-site consultation here on Cape Cod.  Send us a message and we will arrange a time to conduct a Haves Assessment on your property, while maintaining proper social distancing protocols, of course.  We create rain gardens and watershed management swales  to protect the fragile Cape Cod aquifers, using only those organic resources you may already have on your site.  This keeps the costs low while providing you with practical management education that will last a lifetime AND nourish the landscape in the process.  


The same Terra Firma methods and philosophy we use in the developing world can be seen on Cape Cod as well.


Contact us to arrange a visit or simply check out the videos below!

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