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Terra Firma


To guide the most vulnerable among us to become victors over the climate rather than remaining as victims. We do this through the step-by-step creation of climate-smart, nutrition-focused Terra Firma Permagardens and Regenerative Farming Systems that lead to greater food and income security while allowing natural ecosystems and habitats to become restored to the benefit of all.  All actions are child-friendly, gender-engaging and low-cost by even the most marginalized families of the world. This ecosystem strengthening process, which blends the most readily adoptable aspects of Permaculture and Bio-Intensive Gardening, proven across dozens of cultures and climates, is the foundation of the Terra Firma Method,Terra Firma International Consulting and Terra Firma Solutions.

Measurable Goals of all Terra Firma Trainings 

While our vision is ecological sustainability and positive behavior change. The measurable goals we seek to achieve with every Terra Firma Agroecological Training and Reconnection are:


  1. Increased Daily Consumption of Complementary Food targeting Maternal Health and Early Childhood Stunting

  2. Increased Maternal Income from Sale or Barter of Excess Production

  3. Increased Home Landscape and Ecosystem Regeneration and Resilience 

  4. Increased Family Emotional Wellbeing and Sense of Empowerment

Terra Firma is both a method and a philosophy. This "Solid Earth" foundation is as much a process as it is a product.  The Five Step Agroecological Decision-Making Cycle guides people to make sound decisions and to then take locally-appropriate actions that heal their landscapes, homes and ecosystems all at the same time. Once learned in the small spaces around the home, the same process and skills can be applied to the larger crop, forage and grazing fields as well as the natural woodland areas which can be allowed to restore and regenerate. These are lessons which can become permanent skills that can be employed throughout life. No matter the ecosystem challenges that are encountered, the solution can be found within Terra Firma.


Terra Firma:

The Rule of CLOSE

Attitude change is the vital precursor to adult behavior change. If even one aspect of our 5 step Rule of CLOSE is neglected or the opposite, the action will, by definition, not be seen as doable by the learner, and adoption and the multiplier effect itself will be lost.  These 5 pillars are the foundation of every teachable action within our hands-on training programs.  

Close x Local x Organic x Small x Easy = Attitude Change = 

Practice, Monitoring and Self Evaluation  =  Behavior Change

 Terra Firma Training  and Reconnection:

Intensively Guided Agroecology in Action

As you hover over each training content block you will find an image and a video link providing more information.

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